Painting Experts in Oakville, ON


Joe’s Painting is providing high-quality paint service in the area of Toronto and GTA for the past 15 years. Our experience in the field of painting industry is unmatchable, giving superior quality service at a very cheap price is among the main features we are known for. All this is possible with the help of our passionate team of skilled and certified contractors and painters, at Joe’s Painting company we are capable of handling projects of the small and medium-size scale. Our main objective is to attain customers satisfaction through our superior quality of painting service.

Service We Provide

At Joe’s Painting, we offer an extensive list of services, which includes a wide range of commercial and residential painting service in the area near Toronto and GTA. Following are the list of painting services provided at joes painting.

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Painting contractors for estimation
  • Commercial exterior and interior painting
  • Home interior and exterior painting
  • Professional textured painting
  • Drywall fixing

When to Call Us

The best time to call Joe’s Painting service is when our customers or clients start to see prominent marks of different thing on the exterior and interior wall of their commercial and residential properties. Few of the common signs seen are as follow

  • Peeling paint
  • Patches
  • Colour fading
  • Paint chalking
  • Water stain
  • Paint falling

Brand We Use

At Joe’s Painting, all the painting products used are licensed in accordance with the Canadian law, and all our paint products are eco-friendly, that is we take grave concern in conserving our environment. Following are the brand used Joe’s Painting service.


When to Book with Us

If you see some prominent signs of waring off paint then it is best you call expert house painters at Joe’s Painting company. Just simply call us at our helpline number, and tell your query to our customer support representative. After a complete discussion, our contractor will be appointed for your residential or commercial property inspection. Upon arrival of the contractor, he will thoroughly inspect the surrounding of the property and will give free estimation for the painting job that need to be implied on you residential or commercial property.

Area’s We Serve

Currently, Joe’s Painting are providing with their variety of painting service in the areas of Toronto and GTA, with the help of our happy clients and customers and constant demand for our painting service. We are in planning process of expanding our business in other parts of the states very soon.